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Welcome to a world where creative thinking "Outside the Box" is the norm!

I'm sooo happy you are here!

My name's Anita Housman. For 15+ years, I've been working with businesses, individuals & non-profit groups develop their own custom programs, events & gifts to get them greater attention & the results that they need.


This may be in the form of raising money for the purpose of bringing others together for a heightened awareness or cause; or putting together a meaningful & special gift for their special events, people or moments in their lives. These programs & gifts become "treasured" memories of the tender moments or events in the things that are important to them & for others.

Life happens way too fast in today's digital & fast-paced world. The special memories & tender moments now at risk being the first to fade. For those who must fund raise, memories have become secondary as fundraising companies push groups to promote products, not the true reason or cause. The end is that with passing of time, cheap trinkets have no meaning are quickly tossed, forgotten or even lost! 

That...REALLY makes me sad!  

This is why I created a systematic approach to remove the frustration & guesswork for struggling for help, ideas or carrying out a successful event. If searching for branding or a meaningful gift, then hop over to our shop where you'll find a wide selection of individually tailored items that can be made specifically to your wants/needs. The end result will bring you the attention you deserve, without the struggles of high-cost of production or advertising fees in a budget friendly way. 

My #1 goal is to help you or your group create something that will touch the hearts & minds of others by helping you create the things that will preserve those tender moments or remember the special events, people or causes. Most important, I want you to leave them with a treasure that will have a huge impact on their hearts & mind getting the results you need.

This all begins by us working together with what you already have. Together, I help you evaluate & use the tools you may have (or mine) to create what you need. In this way, YOUR event, becomes something totally unique to be presented to others in a unique & "different" kind of way.

It's in this way that long-lasting sustainable memories are made that continue to foster growth & maintains strengthened connections with supporters as they're etched into their hearts & minds. By stepping up your game unlike others, what you do & say will be top of mind and you stand out  above others in YOUR own unique & creative way.

I'm ready to begin this journey with you! I hope that I will one day rejoice in the privilege to join you on your journey to share that special story or event with others. The end result will be a captivated audience that keeps coming back to see & hear more of your special story!

I've been successful with others, and today, I want to hear YOUR story & begin helping YOU  or YOUR GROUP get the results & recognition you deserve & need. To get started...click on the link below! I look forward to working for & with YOU in the days ahead!

Make every day a treasured memory that'll touch the lives of others!



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