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I began printing ribbon & personalized scrapbook album covers 15+ years ago with a process known as imprinting or hotfoil stamping. 

Not wanting the traditional cookie cutter designs that the retail stores were offering, I began to start designing gifting items tailored to what my wants were & would match the person's personality or the event. People were always asking "where did you get that?" When I told them I made and designed it, they too began asking me to produce something fun & original for their special event and/or gift. As news of my services & gifts began to spread, strangers were approaching me to do work for them as well. People referred to me as "The Ribbon Lady" when they searched for me because they didn't know my name, but they DEFINITELY remembered the items I was making for them & the emotions they brought.


In 2013, the year following the horrific Boston Marathon, a local gal from my area asked me to design a ribbon to be attached on her shoe as she ran the Marathon in honor of her special friend who passed away & got her involved in running. She had qualified to run with the Marathon had been placed on a charity team to help greater charitable awareness as they remained "Boston Strong" the year following the horrific event. She needed help to raise money for her team, The Doug Flutie, Jr. Foundation that supports awareness & help for individuals with autism. Over a hundred small ribbons of others who supported Linda & the cause she supported also ran the race with her and even on the back of Doug Flutie, founder & retired NFL Hall of Fame quarterback.


Little did I know, but the promotion she asked me to help with earned quite a lot of money & publicity for the Foundation. People from all over the world were contacting me to do ribbon promotions for them. It was then that I realized that the promotion companies out there were not meeting the emotional needs of events as they promoted pens, tablets, etc. and I could offer something more to non-profits, cause markets & small businesses.


While I still print lots of ribbon & am well known for doing something FUN with it, it's the emotional impact that these ribbons bring to promote the causes and events that makes me want to help even more!


2020 has been a challenging year for all, especially for me & others being new to the online market space. Many small businesses & non-profit groups struggle for publicity in an online world without person-to-person interaction. They need something more to help them raise awareness, raise money & remember the tender moments of life like weddings, babies, special events. Events are still here, they are just being celebrated in a different way!

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