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I begin by LISTENING to YOU & your needs! From there, you're guaranteed a personalized on-on-one concierge service that focuses & targets your needs & goals. Together, we'll brainstorm & creatively build a campaign that meets your ideal audience. You are the CEO of the entire process with the added bonus that we'll continue to build a successful promotion on the idea that the memories left behind, will be ones that will touch lives of others. Your plan is completely carried out with your vision that is born from the conception of an idea to the final presentation, product launch or special day! 

The bonus:

I work for you! We do this with your budget needs by creatively designing something unique without a hefty price tag that successfully reaches a targeted audience or goal using resources that you may already have! The end result is you'll get an emotionally gratifying experience or event that continues to pull your audience in emotionally long after it's over for an explosive presentation!

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Treasured Touch was born when I, as a small business owner with a limited budget, found myself left with a great deal of frustration trying to be seen in a world where everyone wanted me & my ideas to conform to theirs, not mine.  It was simple: I wanted something unique & special; I wanted to be seen; and I wanted it to include an element of my values & personality that could be integrated into it's design. When I couldn't find it, I created it! As it produced such awesome results, others wanted those results too!

Today, living just minutes outside of Hershey, Pennsylvania. I spend most of my days helping others by combining my expertise & love of printing ribbon with creative custom designed marketing promos & other handmade goods. In addition, I also own a thriving vacation rental, Ridgeview Retreat,  I LOVE what I do with both! However, nothing excites me more than knowing that my gift of creativity can be shared with others. I want everyone to experience the same joy & excitement from personally creating something that will touch the lives of others. When others are forgotten, our ideas & memories are treasured gifts!

I hope to travel that road with you... Til then,

Make every day a treasured memory that'll touch the lives of others!


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