{Abbie's Heart Journey}

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Merchandise with Meaning to help raise money for the repair of Abbie's broken heart. Extra monies raised will be donated to the Mighty Hearts Project.  To learn more: visit mightyheartsproject.org at the link below. Mighty Hearts Project is committed to helping one heart at a time through Education  Advocacy Hope. 


Surgery costs are monumental to repair defects from mitral valve disease Support from the sale of merchandise will help to bring research and updates on emerging techniques & advocacy. 

education ♥ advocacy ♥ hope

Hi! I'm Abbie!


I am a tiny athletic miniature dachshund. I love hunting critters in the yard, agility and most especially Barn Hunt. I am my disabled mom's 24/7 companion. I also have a bad heart valve - I literally have a ticking time bomb in my chest. l need life-saving mitral valve repair surgery.


Join me our journey and please help if you can. I can use lots of help and support. To learn more about my heart, you can visit Mighty Hearts Project in the link below.

To support me on my journey, please consider helping to raise money for my life-saving surgery either through a direct donation or by purchasing something from our fundraising efforts.

Thank you!!!! From the bottom of my {hopefully soon} repaired heart!

You can also follow me on my Facebook or Instagram page @AbbiesHeartJourney. 

Thank you in advance for your support & help! 

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