Imprinting & Hotfoilstamping Questions:



What is hotfoilstamping?

How long does it take?

What types of things can I put an imprint on?

How much does it cost?

Once something is imprinted, will it fade or rub off?

What are fonts & graphics & what sizes are available?

How do I know what colors of foil will look best?

What if I want to design my own....can I custom order something if I don't see what I'm looking for?

How many characters or text can you print?

Will you assist in designing something for me if I am not sure what to put on my item?

What part of an album or Bible can be printed on? 

What colors are available for imprinting?

What if I have something that can't be imprinted but I want to personalize it with my brand, logo or text?

What types of scrapbooks print the best?

I don't know what to print? Are you available to help?

Do you print ribbon?

Is your work guaranteed? 

How do I get started to have custom work done?

I live close to Hershey, PA. Can I drop off my item to be imprinted?

Any other questions? Please just ask!

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