Who says fundraising can't be FUN? We help you put a creative spin on bringing those dollars in by creative fundraisers beyond the ordinary cookie-cutter fundraisers others offer. Through a one-on-one strategy session, together, we'll build a fundraiser the way YOU want it...creatively bringing in dollars in unique ways! The dollars flow in, you'll reach your goals and people will remember YOU, YOUR EVENT or CAUSE!


GET cReATivE! We think being Outside the Box should be everyone's Normal!

Treasured Touch is all about being  cReATivELy different!! 


We believe treasured memories are meant to be REMEMBERED! It's not just for promoting, it's about touching lives, making a difference & leaving behind a memory that remains strong long after first impressions are made!



"Creativity is piercing the mundane to find the marvelous"

Bill Moyers

You are one of a kind! Forget the worn out trends & cookie-cutter molds others want you to conform to...

Create something that's your own where treasured memories are built that won't be forgotten! 

Promos & Gifts, LLC
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