One of the first questions that comes to mind when you’re planning to use personalized ribbons is “how much ribbon do I need?”. If you’re ordering our custom favor ribbon, the answer is very simple: order one ribbon per favor.



Ordering favor ribbon? Get one ribbon per favor and you're all set!


But,when you’re wrapping larger favors or gift packages with custom color ribbon by the yard, finding out how much ribbon you’ll need to wrap each one will take a bit more work.

The only way to accurately determine how much ribbon you’ll need is to tie a practice bow around your package with ribbon that's the same width as the ribbon you plan to order. For near-perfect accuracy, it’s best to use ribbon in the same fabric as the ribbon you plan to buy. For example, if you’re planning to wrap your boxes with a satin ribbon, use a satin ribbon for taking measurements; using a ribbon in a different fabric can reduce the accuracy of your measurement.

Tying a practice bow with the right ribbon entirely eliminates guesswork from the process, and allows you to experiment with different bow styles before finalizing a personalized ribbon order.

It can be tempting to skip the practice bow and order ribbon using a guesstimate based on your box dimensions, but there’s one major pitfall to that approach. Many new bow-tiers forget that you need more than just the ribbon to wrap around the dimensions of the box. You also need ribbon to make the bow, too! Unless you’re experienced at tying bows, it’s difficult to estimate how much ribbon is required to make the loops on your bow without actually tying a bow. The ribbon’s width and fabric type, combined with your own bow tying style, will create variations in this measurement.

We’ve put together a collection of photos of common favor box sizes, wrapped in various ribbon widths, to help anyone in the planning stages of a favor wrapping project get a general idea of ribbon wrapping patterns and ribbon lengths. This is a good place to get started if you’re still narrowing down the size of favor box you want to give, too!



This two-piece favor box is a 2″ cube. It’s wrapped with 3/8″ wide Regal Classic personalized ribbon. The ribbon crosses the box twice and has a two-loop bow at the top. The ribbon shown in this photo is 32″ long.



These chocolate truffles are packaged in a 3.5″ x 2.25″ x 1.25″ box. The plum Wedding Bells ribbon shown here is 5/8″ wide. The ribbon crosses the box twice and is tied into a two loop bow. The ribbon is 36″ long.



This large box of truffle fudge measures 4.5″ x 4.5″ x 1.25″. The plum Wedding Bells ribbon shown here is 5/8″ wide. The ribbon crosses the box twice and is tied into a two-loop bow. The ribbon is 46″ long. 


This 2″ cube box is wrapped with 7/8″ wide personalized Communion ribbon. The ribbon wraps the box once and is tied into a two-loop bow. The ribbon measures 28″ long.



This box is a 4″ cube. The teal Bold Thank You ribbon shown here is 7/8″ wide. The ribbon crosses the box twice and is tied into a two loop bow. The ribbon is 54″ long.

All of our continuous printed ribbon styles are sold by the yard. When you place your order, enter the total yardage you’ll need. Uneven yardages are fine, so whether you need 53 yards or 5553, you can order exactly what you need!

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