How to Tie a Favor Bow

One of the most frequently asked questions about favors is how to tie favor ribbon. Tying a bow with your personalized favor ribbon may take some practice, but after a few tries you will find that it’s as easy as tying your shoe. In fact, it’s just like tying your shoe!

Start with a practice bow. The most common problem with practice bows is that the name or date will end up on the wrong side, or the ribbon will flip over in tying. This can be remedied by simple adjustments to the ribbon. One twist or turn can make all the difference. Practice does make perfect when you’re tying favor ribbon.

If you’re still struggling with your bows, or would prefer to use the “cheater’s method”, you can follow the steps in the following illustrations. You’ll need your favor ribbon and a 12″ piece of curling ribbon to make this “faux bow”. The best part about using this method is that it’s quick, easy, and helps you keep a uniform look for all of your favors. Tie the 12″ piece of curling ribbon around your favor in the spot where you will be placing your finished bow, and you’re ready to begin!



Step One: Make a loop with your ribbon as shown.

Make sure that the ribbon intersects just above the personalization on the left tail of the ribbon, as shown.




Step Two: Bring the top of your loop down to where the ribbons cross. The inside of the very top of the ribbon loop should be touching the back of the point where the ribbon crosses.




Step Three: Hold the now formed bow in place and place it carefully against the knot of the curling ribbon you tied your favor with.




Step Four: Tie the bow in place with the tails of the curling ribbon. Make the knot just tight enough to secure the position of the ribbon.

Adjust your ends and tighten your knot. Make another knot to prevent it from slipping open.




Step Five: Curl the ends of your curling ribbon. That's it! Now you have the secret to a perfect bow every time!



Step Six: Admire the finished product and get ready to make dozens more!

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