Treasured Touch Promotions & Gifts specializes in creative gratitude programs for service providers, real estate agent/cies & other creative entrepreneurs whose aim is to turn prospects into clients. These programs continue to support & build loyalty with your existing customers and clients to affordably market yourself as a unique sales person or brand with a presentation/gift like no other!

For your convenience, we will create a VIP web page exclusively for you, so that you can go in and shop for your personalized gifts!

Call: 717-756-7467 or email below to set up a 15 min. free consultation.

Here are a few great gratitude gifting ideas:

  • Client who just purchased and supported your business or cause;

  • Client who had their home or automobile sold.

  • Gift for a person who has been a loyal client and refers friends and family to your office.

  • Apology gift for a client or customer who may have had a bad experience with something

  • Holiday gifting

  • Personal branding of your business, cause or event

Treasured Touch Promotions & Gifts is pleased to offer a variety of different gifting experiences tailored to your specific needs! 

This program will insure & nurture your relationships & deliver directly to them, an attitude that shows you care.

The expression of appreciation keeps you and your product or event on your client's mind for future referrals & needs.


Other suggestions for use:

Real Estate Agencies/Agents:

  • Closing gifts: A gift basket to the new home owner. These gifts can range as low as $50 to as high as $500

  • Referral gifts: Thanking someone who sends a referral is critically important. These gifts can range between $5-$100, depending on the size of the referral and outcome

  • Personal gifts for any special occasion, not just real estate.

  • It's all about your "branding". We can include your business cards and personalized items.

  • We can customize your gift with other personalized items such as return labels, door knockers and a beautiful picture frame with a picture of the new home.

Auto Dealerships:

  • Customer who just purchased a new car

  • Customer who just had their vehicle serviced

  • Gift for a person who has been a loyal customer and refers friends & family to your dealership

  • Apology gift for a client or customer who may have had a bad experience.


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